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High durability. Comprehensive protection from tampering. Innovation security technologies.

The holograms with Nanogram™ technology offer versatile combined solutions and link product and brand protection with the features of other areas such as code marking and traceability. They can be combined with a wide variety of materials and products and can be specially adapted to the requirements of your industry – and all from a single source. The use of the latest generation of innovative production technologies offers comprehensive protection against black and grey market activities. The special resistance, high durability and long service life of the versatile holograms constitutes an optimum combination.
  • Nanogram™ Technology for maximum product and brand protection
  • One hundred percent protection from counterfeiting with state-of-the-art security technology
  • Traceability with track & trace technology

One hundred percent counterfeit protection at banknote level



1. 3D Acute angle switch effect
2. Laser engraving, QR code
3. Bas-relief elements
4. Shaped lenses
5. Letters lens quadruple switch effect
6. 3D/3D vertical switch



7. True colour image switch
8. Smart glint effect
(move from left to right)
9. Decolour effect/ 180-degree
rotation view
10. Rotational micro switch
effect (300 microns)
All4Labels & Nanogram TM
11. Mirror lenses/diffractive

Internal inspection


12. Smartphone-readable area
13. Diverse micro texts
(25-100 microns)
Global Packaging Group & All4Labels
14. Washed multilevel
CLR images
15. Animated multilevel
CLR images
16.True colour micro image
(diameter: 200 microns)



17. Nano text (5 microns)


Effective protection for your products.

Our security holograms with Nanogram™ technology can be used for a broad range of applications and combined with a wide variety of materials and products. We work alongside the All4Labels Group to develop the right combined product for you, individually and precisely tailored to your area of application.

  • High recognition value, stunning optics
  • Security features with an accuracy of up to 10 nanometres
  • Can be combined with track & trace system
  • Precise multi-level verification (in-house 4-step security model)
  • Tamper-proof thanks to innovative delamination and tamper-evident effects
  • Free design in size and shape

A unique technology that offers endless possibilities.


Nanogram™ on hang tags

The combination of hang tags and Nanogram™ provides secure and effective labelling for textiles and merchandising articles. The goods are visually enhanced and can be verified by customers as authentic at first glance. This means that nothing more stands in the way of safe shopping.

Nanogram™ in Shrink Sleeves

The combination of shrink sleeves and Nanogram™ provides first opening protection that leaves traces even after the slightest attempts at manipulation, which makes it impossible to switch out or refill the product with counterfeit goods. When coupled with the Hologram Company’s in-house track & trace system holoTrackX™, long-term traceability along the entire product chain is guaranteed.

Nanogram™ on admission tickets

From concerts to sporting events, black market ticket sales for events continue to reach new heights. In order to prevent this, tickets can also be equipped with Nanogram™ technology. Self-adhesive holograms or the use of holographic foil offer protection against forgeries and copies.

Nanogram™ as holographic tear-off strips

The combination of Nanogram™ and holographic tear-off strips is particularly popular in the areas of beverages and tobacco. Even the slightest attempt at tampering with the security seal is immediately apparent to the customer and protects against counterfeit contents or contents that has been tampered with.

Nanogram™ as vignette

Vignettes must be easy to read and able to withstand a wide range of fluctuations in light exposure, temperature and weather. The combination of vignettes with Nanogram™ technology makes the product even more efficient: not only are attempts at tampering immediately apparent, but vignettes with security holograms can be perfectly combined with systems for contactless identification using RFID transponders.

Nanogram™ on documents

Security holograms with Nanogram™ technology make your documents 100% forgery and tamper-proof. Even the slightest attempt at manipulation destroys the hologram and leaves visible film residue. Security stickers with Nanogram™ technology offer the best protection for documents such as records, certificates or securities.

Nanogram™ for textiles

The holoBrace™ technology developed by the Hologram Company effectively prevents loss of revenue and damage to image as well as health risks posed by imitations and counterfeits. Equipping your textiles with the ironing and washing machine-safe security seal enables efficient counterfeit protection at the highest level, allowing your goods to be clearly identified as genuine.

Nanogram™ on adhesive labels

We will combine your product labels with Nanogram™ technology in order to simplify the production process. The combination of Nanogram™ and adhesive labels provides additional protection for your goods. The self-adhesive hologram can be used in numerous combinations both as a security seal and as an identification label.

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