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Innovation Made in Germany

Innovation is the Label Intelligence Solutions platform. This cloud software platform from Germany was developed especially for brand manufacturers, their partners and end users. Using NFC technology, the physical world is securely connected to the digital world. This leads to completely new possibilities: NFC tags not only facilitate the identification and tracking of goods, they also create interactive ways to create a stronger consumer connection to the product through additional information. For example, customers can use their smartphones to find out about your goods and intensify their shopping experience. Visit our LIS Landingpage!

Comprehensive counterfeit protection with identity management

Identity management forms the basis for comprehensive protection of goods and covers all fields between product verification, traceability and customer interaction. Identity management technologies can be used as a partial or complete solution and ensure total control of your goods along the entire supply chain. In combination, the holograms with Nanogram™ technology offer reliable protection against counterfeiting and forgery and optimum prevention of black and grey market activities. Thanks to a wide variety of design options, they are compatible with all production requirements and provide for a unique appearance thanks to a wide range of finishing options.


NFC tags facilitate the identification and tracking of goods and create interactive paths to the consumer. Connect your products with the digital world and inspire your customers with worldwide brand protection, mobile services and direct marketing!

Whitepaper Building Customer Trust & Evolving Brand Engagement by Label Intelligence Solutions

Build stronger and more meaningful relationships with customers and partners, through item based product serialisation, innovative IoT integrations and product authenticity.

This Whitepaper is for anyone working in consumer Brands, the packaging industry or who is interested in the Internet of Things (IoT). It ist relevant for all Departments, including product Management, digital Transformation, packaging, Marketing and IT.

In this Whitepaper you will learn

  • why making products smartphone compatible is essential to your brand strategy,
  • about the challenges facing brands today and the approach on solving them,
  • how to deliver targeted and personalised value to your customers,
  • how smart products can deliver more value throughout the product lifecycle,
  • finally, how to get started with your own smart product transformation initiative.
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Unique technology. Endless possibilities.

Substantiated by expertise


The security holograms with Nanogram™ technology ensure 100% protection against counterfeiting at banknote level and enable precise verification on several levels.

Track & trace

NFC technology not only enables the identification and tracking of goods but also creates interactive communication with the consumer.

Digital printing

The modern printing process can be perfectly adapted to the respective industry and individual customer requirements, and offers top quality combined with the best possible cost effectiveness.


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