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Forgery-proof product labelling is an essential component of every successful product and brand protection strategy. Forgeries and counterfeits can thus be detected quickly and reliably and product piracy can be combated effectively. As a certified security company and experts in brand protection, we develop combined solutions for all areas, tailored to your needs and the requirements of your industry.

5 %
of goods imported into the EU are counterfeit products
62 %
of companies are impacted by product piracy
68 %
of counterfeits copy the functionality of the products

Effective prevention, unique functions, diverse areas of applications.

In a globalised market, companies and their customers are increasingly threatened by sophisticated methods of product piracy. No product or brand is safe from these attacks. The Hologram Company offers comprehensive and individual security concepts for their protection. Forgery-proof labelling guarantees accurate identification of your original products. Our excellent, professional and technical competence and cross-industry experience from various industries and areas of application make us your reliable partner for product and brand protection.


Product and brand piracy damages not only individual companies, but the entire economy. The number of counterfeit products increases every year. They cause serious financial damage and massive loss of jobs. Forgery-proof product labelling is an essential component to every successful product and brand protection strategy. Forgeries and counterfeits can thus be detected quickly and reliably and product piracy can be combated effectively. This allows you to protect your own product and your company from economic damage and your customers from considerable accident and health risks.

Tailored solutions in all fields.

Our security holograms with Nanogram™ technology guarantee maximum product security combined with a wide variety of design options. Using electron beam lithography (e-beam), we emboss security features in a resolution of up to 10 nm (nanometres) on ultra-thin and resistant PET film, which guarantees outstanding optical security features with high recognition value and 100% protection against counterfeiting at banknote level. Our specially developed 4-step security model enables precise verification on several levels, such as with the naked eye or using technical means. The combination with our track & trace solution also offers special protection against black and grey market activities. Our Nanogram™ technology holograms with up to XX different security features are rightfully regarded as the safest protection against counterfeiting.

  • Secure product labelling – Security for dealers and customers
  • Reliable identification as authentic or counterfeit
  • Enforcement of claims through clear proof of originality


We take into account your individual wishes and requirements in order to support you in designing your security concept with a variety of products, tailor-made solutions in all areas, and effective protection from a single source.

Std. holograms
Smart labels
Laser engraving
Track & trace
Digital print
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Our team is always at your disposal with personal advice and technical expertise and will be happy to advise you on the development of an industry-specific solution, perfectly adapted to your company's needs and production requirements.