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The year 2019 has just begun and already now a lot of exciting things are happening! We, the Hologram Company, have expanded our product and service portfolio. We are repositioning ourselves with a freshly sharpened profile. In addition to label-based brand protection, innovative Track & Trace solutions will determine our product range in the future. In addition: Cloud supported interaction services with which we break new ground and open up undreamt-of possibilities to introduce, retain and inspire end customers to your brands. Merchandising is the keyword!
Because: brands of the future are brands with a future. This means brands with a holistic vision and perspective. From Trittau, the Hologram Company will make a determined contribution to positioning you and your brands for this future.

We have developed a company video to match the new positioning. Take a look right now: www.hologram-company.com
Our smart presenter guides you charmingly through the world of modern, intelligently networked brand security. Follow him as a personal “tour guide” through our factory. And glide smoothly into the future and through what the Hologram Company offers and makes: from standard holograms to Nanogram™. From ISO 14298 security certification to Label Intelligence Solutions as a highlight.

Have fun with our new movie! Let us inform you in an entertaining way and share your viewing experience with us.

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