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Identify goods - at any time

Track & trace solutions have never been as important as they are today. They guarantee optimum traceability of your goods along the entire supply chain using randomly generated individual security codes and provide ideal protection against grey market activities. With our intelligent track & trace system HoloTrackX™, you can identify your goods at any time. The high speed of data transfer allows you to see exactly where your goods are at what time, and who is currently interacting with your products. The holograms can be read from a long range using transmitters, which ensures time-saving when taking inventory and fast authentication.

Identity Management

Identity management forms the basis for comprehensive protection of goods and covers all fields between product verification, traceability and customer interaction. Identity management technologies can be used as a partial or complete solution and ensure total control of your goods along the entire supply chain. Especially when combined with Nanogram™ technologies, the holograms ensure


protection against plagiarism and counterfeiting and optimally prevent black and grey market activities. They are compatible with all production requirements thanks to a wide range of design options. A wide variety of finishing options makes a unique appearance possible. In addition, digital interaction options intensify customer experiences, creating a special relationship based on trust.

Powerful performance. Secure data transfer.

As a reliable partner, the Hologram Company focuses its expertise in the field of brand protection on the special requirements of the respective sector and employs reliable security technologies to minimise risks and dangers for both companies and customers.

  • Intelligent track & trace system
  • Randomly generated, individual security codes
  • Optimum traceability along the entire supply chain
  • Fast authentication
  • Time-saving inventory


Fight counterfeits, minimise risks.

Specially developed Nanogram™ technology provides your goods with comprehensive protection using a wide variety of special technologies. Using e-beam technology, the holograms achieve a uniqueness similar to that of a DNA strand. This guarantees visually appealing, 100% product and brand protection.



New possibilities for consumer interaction.

Smart labels are the future for brands and products in retail. Using UHF and NFC technology, data can be encrypted and transmitted wirelessly. This improves various processes along the supply chain and creates possibilities for customer interaction. The combination of conventional printing and finishing technologies offers the greatest possible flexibility and a high degree of design freedom.



Product protection and traceability in one step.

Holograms with randomly generated and individual security codes or NFC inlays allow goods to be identified and traced along the entire production process. Dealers, customs and consumers can quickly and efficiently verify the authenticity of your products using a scanner or a mobile telephone. Thanks to error correction, QR codes make it possible to read out data which has undergone as much as 30% damage.


Security for producers and consumers.

Combining expertise, exchanging experience and developing new approaches to solutions are all extremely important to the Hologram Company in developing its expertise and continuously responding to sectors' new needs. Our participation in various working groups helps us to innovate with our partners.

  • IHMA membership
  • Protect-ing membership
  • APM supporting member
  • GS1 solution provider
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