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Innovative concepts, proven quality, individual protection

Product and brand piracy cause spectacular financial damage and the loss of millions of jobs, damaging not only individual companies but the entire economy. This challenge must be met and effective measures taken against counterfeiting and grey market activities. The Hologram Company specialises in brand protection and helps you to quickly and reliably distinguish counterfeits from originals. We effectively protect your products and brands with one hundred percent forgery-proof labelling. Using state-of-the-art security technologies, we develop security concepts tailored to industry-specific requirements and thus guarantee maximum product and brand protection. The Hologram Company guarantees 100% authenticity of your goods and creates a trusting relationship with consumers. Using our track & trace technologies, we ensure accurate traceability of goods.

  • Effective measures against counterfeiting and grey market activities
  • Fast and reliable differentiation between counterfeits and originals
  • One hundred percent forgery-proof track & trace technologies
  • Security concepts tailored to industry-specific needs
  • Maximum product and brand protection with state-of-the-art concepts

Expertise creates trust. Trust binds.


Weakening the black market, identifying misuse.

The Hologram Company’s special labels offer product identification that clearly verifies that the respective product is an original. The labels are durable enough to withstand the toughest conditions and verify products as authentic over many years. Any attempts to manipulate the labels are immediately evident, ensuring that your goods enjoy one hundred percent protection. This prevents black and grey market activities and constitutes a special warranty protection, since inadmissible liability claims can be excluded and warranty abuse can be proven.


Protection against counterfeiting

The Hologram Company offers leading expertise in the area of brand protection and minimises dangers and risks to your products through reliable technologies.

Grey market protection

Fight the sale of original goods through unauthorised distribution channels using the security technologies of the Hologram Company.

Tamper protection

Tamper-proof sealing labels secure your product with the delamination and tamper-evident effect.

Authenticity protection

Brand protection by connecting traceability and Nanogram™ technology for clear differentiation between counterfeits and originals.


Our team provides consultation during the development of an industry-specific solution, perfectly tailored to your needs, and support during implementation, right up to the final production step.

Smart and secure

Track & trace solutions guarantee optimum traceability of your goods along the entire supply chain using randomly generated individual security codes.

Quality assurance

We guarantee comprehensive counterfeit protection and faultless traceability by adhering to the highest quality standards.

Online ordering system

The Hologram Company’s online ordering system offers all of the advantages of just-in-time production in an automated process.


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